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in store buyback

Partnering with during your buyback will help ensure...

-Your Students can sell more titles

-Your Buyback Prices are competitive

-Your Rejects are Kept to a Minimum

The process is simple, scan, ship, and get paid.


Unadopted inventory can be a burden a source of many headaches, having an additional outlet for this material can help boost your bottom line and free up space in your back room.

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online buyback

  • Want to be able to buy books from your students year around? We can build a online buyback site for your students to use year around and work with you to establish margins that work for your business.

A store branded website will help ensure your students stay connected with your store year around. We can process all online buyback orders, pay you a healthy commission, and ensure your students turn to you year round when they have books to sell. No extra staff is needed!

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students voice


When Students Talk Be Sure To Listen

If you talk to your students more and more times you will find they are unhappy with buyback and the amounts they received for the books they sold, Lets build positive buzz on your campus and ensure the buyback counter at your school is your students destination!